Monday, January 21, 2019

Our Community Review Board Agreement of Non-Negotiables

The ICBOs have created a Community Review Board Agreement of Non-Negotiables to guide research and evaluation in our communities. We believe these key agreements will guide equitable, inclusive research that ultimately benefits our communities. This agreement will guide our work -- much like Institutional Review Boards might do so at universities and research institutions, but from the community perspective.

ICBO Community Review Board Agreement of Non-Negotiables

What is non-negotiable as we undertake community-based participatory research?

 1. Research in our communities must be conducted with respect and cultural competence.

2. Our research will include American Indian/Native American/Indigenous communities.

3. Research in our communities will be beneficial and empowering to our communities. 

4.  Researchers must have a deep understanding of equity*. 

5.  Researchers must have a high level of emotional intelligence. 

6.  Researchers will use vocabulary that is easy for everyone involved in the project (and their communities) to understand. 

7.  Researchers must understand our communities’ priorities. 

8.  Researchers will not use our communities as guinea pigs. We do not want to be studied or used for the benefit of others. 

9. Research in our communities will be honest, transparent, and have high integrity

10. Researchers will understand that worldviews in our communities are not those of the dominant culture. We will not adapt to fit into the dominant culture simply because it is the way science is traditionally done.

11. Researchers will be clear and transparent about their agenda. 

12. Researchers will NOT use Community-based Organizations and our communities for the benefit of their institutions or for their personal benefit. 

13. Research results will always be shared with our communities first and in ways that are accessible and clear to everyone

14. Consent documents will be clear and to the point so that anyone can understand what they are agreeing to.

15. The intellectual property that is taken from our communities belongs to our community.

16. When working with research institutions, community organizations, or independent consultants – our communities want to ensure buy-in and direct involvement by leadership.

*Equity: Providing the structure, tools and support needed to give each member the same opportunity to succeed.

Photos of the ICBOs meeting in person at our December 11-13 meeting at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The ICBOs have co-created and signed a copy of our working agreements. Photos by MarilĂș Lopez-Fretts

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