Thursday, June 13, 2019


On June 4, 2019, Metro Atlanta Urban Farm (MAUF) had a group of esteemed visitors from Washington, DC, South Eastern Region of the United States and the Great State of Georgia. Among the visitors were: The Chief of NRCS, Mr. Matthew J. Lohr, Mr. Bill Bailey, Southeast Regional Coordinator Farm Production and Conservation from Huntsville, Alabama, Mr. Terrance Rudolph State Conservationist of NRCS Georgia, and Ms. Velma Lakins of USDA/AMS/TM/GD along with other state and local officials.

What a day for MAUF! Chief Lohr only visited the great state of Georgia for two days and during this time he visited six farms in the entire state. MAUF was chosen as the only Urban Agriculture Farm that he visited. MAUF felt a great responsibility to represent Urban Agriculture not only in Georgia but Urban Agriculture across this great nation.

During the visit, MAUF highlighted the work that they are currently doing with other organizations as well as some other points:

  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Meaningful Collaborations, Partnership and the Impact and our Noise Pollution Project)
  • The Federation of Southern Cooperatives
  • Naturally Grown Certified
  • Stressed the Need for Urban Agricultural in terms of 
    • Financial Support
    • Marketing Support
    • Better Training Programs for new and beginning farmers
    • Access to land
    • Produce Food Safety on the farm
    • Outlet for being able to tell our farming story
  • Shared the impact of Urban Farming in the community

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