Friday, January 19, 2018

Bobby Wilson talks about understanding the community's needs: practicality vs. academic research

This video was taken after our presentation at the Inaugural SEEDs conference. Bobby Wilson, one of the ICBO community researchers reflects on many of the presentations he saw at the conference. He expressed his frustration at what feels like a lack of common sense in Academia. Sometimes our lingo, academic language, statistics, exciting graphics, and empirical evidence just create barriers. Sometimes things can be said in a straightforward manner without using lingo. Sometimes we don't need statistics and high tech graphics to state the obvious. And, sometimes, we are so focused on getting published that we forget to keep it real. Perhaps, if we just sat together with the community and discussed solutions we might be able to accomplish more.

Bobby Wilson, Karen Purcell, José González and Marilú Lopez-
Fretts presenting at the Inagural SEEDs conference

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