Monday, May 14, 2018

Institutional Racism

The ICBO research explores thoughts and experiences around institutional racism. Most community representatives felt that science-serving institutions were either "clueless" about how it is manifested in their institutions, or chose not to address it. Here is a quote from one of our interviewees:

"In the end, let's say you have programs for youth and all you see is white youth coming to these programs. That's institutional racism 'cause you didn't do anything intentional to support and provide the benefits for youth of color. It's not the intent; it's the impact. It's the outcome where institutional racism comes in. You can have the intent, on the front end, of "I don't want to be a racist," but you provide more benefits to white people than people of color. That's what institutional racism is. That's how it plays out within our system."

The NSF Video Showcase is live! Please share our video far and wide and encourage everyone to vote. And once again THANK YOU to the WorldBeat Center, Makeda, Berenice, and team for making it happen! 

Community Perspectives: Transforming Science to Benefit ALLCommunity Perspectives: Transforming Science to Benefit ALL

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Meeting in San Diego

The ICBOs (Independent Community-based Organizations) presented their findings at 
the WorldBeat Center in San Diego in March.

Jose González presented ICBO research results at the meeting.

Makeda Cheatom and Berenice Rodriguez presented the Premiere of the Culture Beat's 1st Baja Bird Festival Documentary produced by WorldBeat Center.

 ICBO research materials shared at the meeting.

 Music, beat and STEM come together during the African drumming class.

Our meeting in San Diego involved all of the participants of the NSF AISL grant: Examining Contextual Factors Influencing the Implementation of Projects Designed to Improve Cultural Diversity in Informal STEM Programs.  The ICBOs presented their results to group. 

Participants gathered to say goodbye after their last meeting as a group. 

ICBO Results: Authenticity and Motivation

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