About Us

Who are the ICBOs?
We call our group of community researchers “The ICBOs” (Independent Community-based Organizations). We represent underserved communities across North America and we have collectively used our strengths and expertise to delve deeper and more meaningfully into research that represents our communities' perspectives. We have led this exploration authentically and independently. 

About our NOISE Community Science Project
In 2018 the ICBOs and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology received a National Science Foundation award: Supporting Equitable Approaches for Developing the Processes and Potential to Engage Historically Underrepresented Communities in Public Participation in STEM Research Through Authentic and Impactful Collaboration - NSF DRL #1811234. Over the next few years we will ground-truth our co-created a framework to increase meaningful engagement of diverse audiences in science, as we collaboratively take on the task of co-creating a model community science project, for use at the continental scale focused on noise pollution. Over the next three years we will connect underserved communities with science and produce research results and educational materials that directly benefit the participating communities. The project will bring awareness about noise pollution, an issue of concern identified by our communities, and promote wellbeing and connection with nature and birds. The project intends to generate data to potentially change policy in neighborhoods where noise may be interfering with human health. Our co-created research will include methodologies that have the power to give voice to perspectives that have historically been silenced through traditional research and can be used to co-create more appropriate and relevant research metrics.

About our co-created Framework
Our co-created framework stems from questions asked by the ICBOs to more than 30 other community organizations to better understand how we can create more equitable collaborations between science institutions and community-based organizations. It represents our communities’ perspectives. This work evolved from a National Science Foundation AISL grant: Examining Contextual Factors Influencing the Implementation of Projects Designed to Improve Cultural Diversity in Informal STEM Programs (NSF DRL# 1422022). 

Goals for our blog:
The ideas shared in this blog are a product of research conducted by community-based organizations since 2016 focused on how to create more equitable partnerships between science institutions and community-based organizations in underrepresented communities. The objective is to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 


ICBO Results: Authenticity and Motivation

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