Monday, May 13, 2019

Our ICBO Working Agreements

In December, during our in-person project meeting in Ithaca, NY, we updated our ICBO Working Agreements. These are based off of the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.

 Here are our NOISE Project Working Agreements: ICBO Working Agreements
  • Be Inclusive 
  • Emphasis on Bottom-Up Organizing 
  • Let People Speak for Themselves 
  • Work Together In Solidarity and Mutuality 
  • Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves 
  • Commitment to Self-Transformation 
  • Practice Deep Listening and Loving Speech 
  • Practice empathy, love, curiosity, and humility 
  • Use ICBO research to guide us in all aspects of the project, including within our group 
  • Forgive and learn from mistakes 
  • Speak up, speak down 
  • Speak your truth 
  • It’s okay to disagree 
  • Be comfortable with discomfort 
  • Help and support each other 
  • It’s okay to be raggedy 
  • Practice ally-ship (white ally/male ally) 
  • Commit to and be patient with process 
  • Be fully present & engaged

Street Art Poster of ICBO Research Results

ICBO poster by community artist Bennie Guzmán.