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Monday, November 5, 2018

Remembering our friend Pepe

Our ICBO family is missing one of our members, friend and ally... Jose Pepe Marcos-Iga. Pepe passed away September 18, 2018.

To you, Pepe, we dedicate our work!

 Pepe Marcos-Iga
January 5, 1974-September 18, 2018

Pepe leaves an important legacy in the field of environmental education, conservation, equity and inclusion; his inspiration and contribution to this work has been invaluable. We’ll miss your sense of humor, your brilliance and your passion to build a more equitable society. We are honored to have you as one of the ICBOs. Forever, we thank you, Pepe.

And one day
As I'm sitting here nostalgic of things to come
Remembering fondly what's still to be
The laughs will stop
The smiles will be no more
I will be distant from the warmth of hope
And I may be only left with memories
If I fail to see
The moments I have between you and me
Are these
Right now

 I've come to see
That to me
You'll still be there
Like a star from afar
Even if distant and gone
Your light will reach me
From the past
It's luminosity will last
As I hope to be
A star for others
Like you've been for me

Written by José González after hearing the news —Thank you José.


Pepe leaves behind his wife Tania and two amazing children. 
For those who wish to help Pepe's children's education, you can contribute to

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